colombia la promesa(250g)
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colombia la promesa(250g)

¥2,268 税込


  • 豆のまま

  • 中挽き

  • 粗挽き

Produced by Melky Chavez and her family on Finca La Promesa which is located in the Narino region of Colombia, this micro lot of coffee is dry anaerobic fermented for 35 hrs before being pulped and shade dried on parabolic beds. Melky started growing Variedad Colombia in 2000 and in 2006 she sold her first speciality lot to the FNC. Since then she has focused on producing high-quality coffee to support her family. In 2014 one of her neighbours suggested that the Caturras cup quality was better and she immediately decided to plant 2 hectares of Caturra.